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College Ministry Blog

Intro to Mark

By Ashley Brusenhan



The book of Mark was written by John Mark. He was an interpreter for Peter and most likely wrote this Gospel under his guidance. John Mark was the cousin of Barnabas. He went along the first missionary journey with Paul and Barnabas. Throughout this Gospel we see the flaws of Peter, as well as the other disciples.



Mark wrote this Gospel from Rome and wrote this account for the wider Church as a record of the testimonies of Peter. Most believe this was written to display the life and sayings of Jesus so the church would have an instructional tool for their practice. It is also possible it was written as an encouragement for Roman Christians experiencing persecution under Caesar Nero. The Gospel of Mark gives us a picture of discipleship, as well as a call to participate in discipleship ourselves.



Most scholars agree that Mark was written in the mid to late 50s A.D, although some believe it was possible for it to have been written in the mid 60s A.D. The majority of scholars believe this was the first of the Gospels written.



  • Chapters 1-8 – We see in these first few chapters, demonstrations of Jesus’ authority. He begins revealing the power He has been given from the Father and seeks to correct messianic expectations and misunderstandings, but does not yet reveal He is the Messiah. He not only displays His authority through demonstrating His power over nature, sickness and the demonic, but also displays authority through His teaching. He calls disciples to follow Him and sends them out to carry out His ministry among the people, displaying for the Church at large how we are to live.
  • Chapters 8-16 shows Jesus’s authority in the midst of suffering. Throughout the second half of Mark, we see Jesus begin to reveal to His disciples the suffering He will soon experience. We also find Jesus confirming He is the Messiah after Peter’s confession. More come to know and understand Him to be the Messiah but are commanded not to tell anyone. Jesus steps into suffering for the joy set before Him, lays down His life and ultimately resurrects then ascends into the heavens to the right hand of the Father, displaying His authority in the highest way and confirming His claim to be the Messiah.

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