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A safe and loving environment is the top priority of the Preschool & Children's Ministries at Central.  That's why we have chosen KidCheck to bring you the best experience at check-in and to provide you as parents the ability to team with us to keep them safe.

Signing up for KidCheck is easy and free for parents.  Once you've created your KidCheck account, you can add your children and other guardians to make it easy for Central to identify them.

Instructions for Creating Your Account
Click on 'Create Your KidCheck Account'.

Enter your basic information including your cell phone number, your own username and password.  Make sure that you enable text message alerts so that we are able to contact you in an event of an emergency.

Also, make sure to choose 'Central Baptist Church (College Station) as the organization that referred you.  (You might have to begin typing 'Central' or 'College Station' before the drop down populates)

Under 'My Account' Tab

  • 'My Profile' Tab:  Allows you to view and update your basic information and upload photos that are clearly identifiable to assist us with identification.
  • "Kids' Tab:  List all kids birth through 5th grade on the Primary Account holder ONLY.  No need to list 6th grade & up.  Only one (1) account holder will add the children.  Others will be linked to them as guardians.
  • 'Guardians' Tab:  Include here any person who has your permission to pick up your child besides yourself.  Make sure to include your spouse and older siblings, grandparents, in-laws, etc. IF you want them to be able to drop-off/pick-up.  This is also where you can add unauthorized individuals by adding them as a guardian and then changing their authorization to 'Not Authorized'.
  • 'Preferences' (person icon at top right):  You can manage your account including your password and username.

Who will create an account?  EACH parent and EACH guardian must have an account.

How do those listed as a guardian create an account?  Anyone listed on your guardian list will create their account by typing in their cell phone.  This will pull up their 'Guardian Account'.  They will complete any missing information and set-up their own account username/password, but MUST make sure that they list anyone authorized to pick-up the kids under the 'Guardians' tab including the parents of the child(ren).

Do you list your children under EACH account?  No, the children will ONLY be listed under the Primary Account.  The kids are automatically listed on the other guardian accounts.

Who can pick-up/drop-off my children?  Anyone that you trust, but they must have an account that list the parents and anyone else under the 'Guardian' tab for others to be able to pick-up.  We will be checking that anyone picking up a child has (1) the guardian receipt, which you will receive at check-in, and (2) is listed on the 'Authorized to Check-Out' list.

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