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Checking In and Security

Check-in begins 15 minutes prior to the beginning of an event.

Each child must be checked in at the Preschool Counter.  Parents will be given a pager which will vibrate if you’re needed.

Every child will be provided a name tag which will include your child’s name, the parent’s name(s), the pager number that has been assigned to you and the child’s room number.  Then, you can walk your child to his/her classroom.

When picking up your child you must present your pager to the caregiver in your child’s room and tell the caregiver who you are picking up. The caregiver will match up your pager number to that on the child’s name tag and will collect the pager unless you are picking up another preschooler.  Your final classroom teacher will collect the pager.

Please avoid going to your child’s room to check on your child.  If you would like to know how your child is doing, please ask a Nursery Assistant at the counter who would be happy to do so. One tearful good-bye should be all a little one should endure!  Seeing other adults coming and going tends to upset the other children in the rooms as well.