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Summer Series

The Summer Series offers a fresh and exciting opportunity to study God's Word at Central.  Comprised of several 5-week classes, the Summer Series will allow you to take a break from your normal Sunday routine and give you the chance to study topics of your choice while connecting with other members of the Central family. Join us Sundays at 11:00 am right after the service during the month of July for the 2017 Summer Series.

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Developing a Christian Worldview - Wes Wilkinson

The greatest need for Christians today is a Biblically sound, comprehensive worldview. A worldview seeks to answer life's deepest, basic questions. Out of a worldview flows religions, science, governments, and more. As a result, it is possible to identify as a Christian but hold an entirely secular worldview. Over five weeks we will examine the basis for the Christian worldview, how Christians should Biblically view all areas of life from biology to government to philosophy, how the Christian worldview contrasts with the leading world views of our day, and how to effectively pass on a Christian worldview to others.


Intentional Discipleship in the Home - Sherry Maggard, Chris Gary, & Jeremy Lewis

Scripture tells us what we do today directly influences the multi-generational cycle of family traits, beliefs, and actions - for good or bad. Passing along a strong faith to our children begins by having a strong faith ourselves in order to launch a legacy for the next generation. This class will guide parents to understand the process of faith formation at home and provide practical steps for becoming intentional in the spiritual formation of their children from birth into young adulthood. 


Intentional Training in an Intense World - Peggy Osborne

Based on biblical principles and current brain research, this time together will focus on developing the Fruit of the Spirit with our children as well as how to provide the optimum environment at home to nurture emotional and spiritual growth in our kids! 


Coffee Cup Counseling - Randy Wilson

When people feel lost, discouraged, or are hurting, do they sometimes come to you for help? Have you experienced the love and strength of God to heal broken parts of your own life? Do you want to gain more wisdom and skill in how to use the Bible better for those who are brokenhearted? In this class, you will learn a three step model of helping people in times of crisis, how to become a skilled listener, and how to walk alongside people when they are most vulnerable with the Biblical basis of caring and friendship.