Central Together: January 7, 2024

Central Family,

Happy New Year! We are so excited for what all that God has in store for us as a church in 2024. We’re kicking things off this January with some really exciting opportunities that will start this Sunday. In addition to our normal rhythm of the Lord’s Supper, we’ve got a special feature as part of this Sunday you won’t want to miss. We’ve got a friend of ours who’s in from the United Kingdom. She’s a Muslim-background believer who came to Christ in a really powerful way that’s cost her deeply. She’s going to share her story and her testimony as part of our worship service on Sunday. You don’t want to miss it.

In addition to that, we'll have our Life Groups kick off for the semester. What I've seen over the years is that our first couple of Sundays in January have some of our most well-attended Life Groups as people jump in for the first time or the first time in a while. I just want to encourage you to be that presence there as leaders in our church, to encourage and connect with those who might be stepping into that space for the very first time.

Now, as we look beyond what's happening this Sunday to the rest of January, we've got a full slate of retreats coming up, from our Disciple Now to our Men’s Retreat and Women's Retreat, and we think there's a spot for you in every one of those to find the right fit for your age and stage. We want to encourage you to take advantage of that.

But also, maybe you're coming into the new year and recognizing that your marriage needs a tune up. Our re|engage Ministry will be kicking off in late January, and that's another opportunity for you to get in. Whether you would say, On a scale of one to ten we're doing great--we're an eight, we just want to take it up to a nine, or if you find yourself limping into the new year, we can help you get back to God’s design for your marriage in a way that's going to bear fruit now and also build for the future as well.

There's so many great things happening in the church, including our upcoming Mobilization Groups, which are kicking off this Sunday, and other opportunities throughout the week so that we can help you take next steps to live life on mission. We want to see every one of us being intentional and reaching our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We'll see you this Sunday.

In Christ,