Central Together: August 7, 2022

Central Family,

You and I know it hasn’t rained in quite a while. But do you remember back in the olden days when we used to get rain around here? Sometimes you might be watching something on TV, and then a major thunderstorm or possible tornado comes through, and they would interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to take you to a live cut of the team there that handles all the meteorology—the weather team—to give us an update on that. Then at the end of it, they’d probably say something like, “And we now head back to our regularly scheduled program.” Well, there’s a sense in which that’s happening this week in the life of our church as Life Groups kick back off as we come into August. We’re re-entering that stage of our regularly scheduled program. I can’t wait for what’s ahead of us starting this Sunday. So we’ve got our Life Groups kicking back off, and we’re encouraging people to step into those for the first time or to reconnect with a group they’ve already been a part of. It’s also our Promotion Sunday for our preschool through students as they take that step into the next grade as we help them to grow in Christ.

Beyond that, as we look ahead to later on in August, on the 14th, that’s our New Member Workshop. We’re also going to take some time to pray for educators as the school year kicks off—those administrators, teachers, faculty, even families of students—just praying that the school year would be one that honors Christ. Then, beyond that, we’ll be right around the corner before our college students get back, and we get to welcome them back into our Sunday worship experience.

On top of everything that’s happening on Sundays in August, August is really the kickoff of a number of things. But specifically, I’m excited for what’s shaping up for our Wednesday nights. We’ll still be kicking off on August 17. That’ll be our first Wednesday night back. We’ll have programming from preschool all the way to adults, but one of the things I’m looking forward to is how we’re expanding and enhancing what we’re offering on Wednesday nights. We’re going to be sharing more about this throughout August, but for now—what we’re going to do is on the 17th—is we’ve created a preview Wednesday night where people can come and hear about all of the options available to them and be praying through how it is they want to connect. Then we’ll launch those adult options on August 31, the last Wednesday night of the month. The reason we’ll wait a week between the preview and that is because August 24 is our next Central Family Celebration, and man, there’s a lot to celebrate as we look back on the summer—all the camps that took place and all the ministry that happened--as we look ahead to what God is going to do this fall, including voting in on our next budget that will kick off with our new fiscal year in September. It’s something you won’t want to miss. Those are always just a joyful time as we recognize what God is doing in our midst.

I look forward to all that. Most of all, I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

In Christ,