Central Together: June 20, 2021

Central family,
It’s good to be back with you today. And I want to say a special word to all you fathers out there: Happy Father’s Day. This Sunday that’s coming up, as we go through the worship service, we’re going to be thinking about the fatherhood of God and how it is that that helps us understand His design for our lives and our families even more clearly. We’re looking forward to that.
We also want you to know that coming into this Sunday we’re making final preparations for our Special Needs VBS. It’s such an important time in the life of our special needs ministry, and we’re going to be taking the time during our Sunday service to pray over those that are leading and volunteering in that space, just asking for God to use them during that window to invest into these families who are raising those with special needs and to care well for these kids and adults that we love to serve right here at this church. There are so many incredible things happening throughout our time at Central. I just want to encourage you to maintain that heart of prayer that we’ve been cultivating over the last month of May and continuing into June so that we can just stick together in a unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday.

In Christ,