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Bible@Home Road Map

Bible@Home Road Map

The Bible is more than a symbol or a relic. It is a spiritual road map, given to us by God, that must become part of the everyday fabric of our lives.

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All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. (NIV) 2 Timothy 3:16-17

From this verse we clearly see the importance of the Bible in our lives.

  • God-breathed: The Bible is the very Word of Almighty God, trustworthy and absolutely true.
  • Useful: God's Word helps to teach us, correct us and train us.
  • Equipping: Jesus used the truth of Scripture as a weapon against the lies of the devil and against temptation. It can also equip each member of the family when facing life's challenges and attacks.


Whether you are a scholar or a beginner, we encourage you to make a commitment to take the next step. The following pages contain ideas to help you and your family begin a Bible study routine. Pick and choose from these suggestions to find what best fits your home.

WORD 511 Pledge

To accept the Word 511 challenge, I/we will spend...


times a week individually in God's Word


time a week connecting with my spouse to talk about God's Word


time a week connecting with my family to talk about God's Word

5 times a week individually in God's Word

Make an appointment - Set a time/place to meet with God. Protect these times and try to eliminate distractions.

Choose a Bible - Find a translation of the Bible that you find easy to understand and enjoyable to read. For recommendations, click HERE.

Memorize - God calls us to write His Words on our hearts and embed them in our minds. By memorizing Scripture, we have vital wisdom and promises at all times.

Accountability - Partner with a friend or family member for mutual motivation and encouragement in the WORD 511 challenge.

Study - Go beyond just a quick skim of the Scriptures by investing time to study and/or interacting with what you read. Use a journal to record what you learn while using the following study method.


Write out key Scripture verses.


Observe what stuck out to you in these verses. Spend time dwelling on what God says to you.


Request God’s guidance. Ask for His help and wisdom.


Do something! Record how you are going to live this out and apply it to your own life.

1 time a week connecting with your spouse to talk about God's Word

Memorize - Take turns choosing a verse and then memorize it together. Encourage each other to live it out.

Share - Talk about one thing that God is teaching you from His Word. Consider setting a specific time/place to connect. It can be as simple as sharing a favorite verse over dessert after kids are in bed or discussing the passages used in Sunday’s worship.

Read - Read Scripture together. Talk about what stuck out to you and how you can apply it. Remember to focus on what God is teaching you, not what you want Him to teach your spouse!

Study - Find a Bible Study to do together. There are numerous studies available online or in bookstores. You can also attend a Bible study together at Central (click HERE for current list) or choose from a large selection of video-based studies to complete at home. Contact for more details.

1 time a week connecting with your family to talk about God's Word

Read it - Find ways to incorporate God’s Word into your daily routine, like reading a verse on the way to school or reading a Bible story before bed.

Choose a Bible - Help your child find a Bible that is easy for them to understand and read. For recommendations, click HERE

Have fun - Instead of just reading Scripture, consider acting it out or doing a craft with your family to make it more memorable.

Talk - Allow God’s truth to come up in your daily conversations as you talk with your family about issues they are dealing with or what to do in certain circumstances.

Memorize - Memorize Scripture together as a family. Choose a topic that is relevant or take turns letting family members choose. You can also use books of the Bible songs to help your family become more acquainted with the Bible (Old Testament Song, New Testament Song).

Study - Help your child establish routine times of reading God’s Word. If you have a young child, help them spend five times a week in God’s Word. This can be as simple as reading a Bible story book before bedtime or at breakfast together.

Pray - Ask God to help you and your family apply Scripture in your lives. Seek Him for wisdom in understanding what you are reading.

Model - Let your children see you spending time in God’s Word. Show them how to do the WORD 511 method or use any tools that you have found beneficial in your personal time.

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