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Family Time: Follow the Directions

Family Time: Follow the Directions

The Bible is like God’s road map for us, giving directions and guidance.

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Before the Journey

Have the following supplies ready:

  • Create a simple map to give directions to a favorite place for a family time treat. You can also use your GPS for directions.
  • A Bible

Hit the Road

Step 1

Let your family know that you are going on a fun adventure to a favorite spot to get a treat. Show them the map to get there.

Step 2

Have the kids share the map and follow along from your home. As you begin the journey, pray and ask God to help you have a great family time and to help you follow the directions.

Step 3

As you travel along, decide to go different directions instead of following the map/GPS. Make sure that your kids know that you are not following the directions. Let them know that you think there might be a better way, but then discover that you are lost.

Step 4

Go ahead and go back home and start over. Make a couple of other “wrong turns” and then use the map/GPS to get back on track.

Step 5

At last, follow the directions and get to your family spot for a favorite treat. While you are sharing a yummy treat, talk about the map and directions.

Step 6

Ask the following:

  • Why did we have a hard time getting here?
  • Why should we follow directions?
Step 7

Just like the directions to get us here, God has given us directions for our lives to follow Him. These directions are to help, guide, and protect us. It is the Bible!

Step 8

Read Psalm 119:133 and Proverbs 3:6 aloud together. How can we use the Bible to help guide us and give us directions? (Keep us from danger/sin, show us the way to go, how to follow and honor God, help us to grow closer to God.)

Step 9

Memorize this catchy saying together: “God’s Word is what I need to follow His lead!”

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