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Talk with God: Singles

Talk with God: Singles

Get practical tips to strengthen your prayer life.

Single Parents

  • Praying with your children is a tangible way to demonstrate your faith by modeling how you seek Him first through prayer.
  • When you pray with your children, encourage them to pray openly about their feelings. Model your own dependency on God as you pray.
  • Always keep your children’s trust by not repeating their prayer concerns to others.
  • When the other parent is missing, or is not a safe person, you can pray that God will fill those gaps. Pray specifically about your children’s needs. Watch how God provides.
  • Invite a few single parents to pray together.


  • Singleness provides frequent opportunities to be still before the Lord. Journaling is a safe place to release feelings and to pray.
  • When you do not have the distraction of a mate, you are able to build intimacy with God in a different way.
  • Invite others over to pray. Praying with friends unifies and strengthens bonds.
  • When making important decisions, ask for guidance. Pray with expectancy; look for His answer.
  • Read the Gospel of Luke. Be encouraged by how God used Luke, a single man. What prayers do you find in this book?


  • Ask God to meet your needs, and thank Him for His answers. Keep a journal of how He provides.
  • Find others who are widowed to walk through this grief season with you. Sharing your grief journey and praying together will encourage you and give you hope.
  • Remember how God loves and cherishes you. Look for biblical passages referencing how He comforts those who are hurting.


  • When a person goes through a painful divorce, it can be accompanied by confusing emotions and feelings. Anger, guilt, resentment and bitterness can fuel a silent war within your mind. Expressing those feelings through prayer and journaling can provide a safe way to express those feelings.
  • Begin a journey of untangling confusing feelings and emotions. Watch how God answers, guides and provides during this time.
  • Ask God to help you heal and move forward. Counteract the negative feelings with thanksgiving for the Lord’s daily provisions. Make a list; it will encourage you on the hard days.

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Because of the intimacy of prayer and how it knits hearts together, be careful about praying alone with a member of the opposite sex. This could bring up confusing emotions, including false attachment.
Use caution when praying for a specific member of the opposite sex. Sometimes the enemy can turn a genuine concern for another into an unhealthy obsession.

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