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War Room Movie Night: Couples

War Room Movie Night: Couples

On your next date night, start a meaningful conversation about the power of prayer and its impact on your marriage and family.

Advanced Preparation

  • Plan for a date night to watch the movie War Room (2015, Rated PG). Decide whether to rent, purchase or go to a movie viewing opportunity.
  • Grab some popcorn, and have this discussion guide ready.

Step One: The Set Up

Before watching the movie, consider praying together. Ask God to help you see your marriage through the lens of this film and the powerful impact prayer can have on it. Sit back, enjoy a great time watching the movie together, and be prepared for connecting in conversation afterward.

Step Two: Discuss

Talk through the following questions after the movie has finished. Encourage each other to share answers.

  • How would you describe your prayer life ... hot, cold or somewhere in between? Why?
  • What steps can you take to move your prayer life toward where you want it to be?
  • In the movie, they talked about fighting the wrong enemy. Read John 10:10. Who is the real enemy? How do you feel we can battle the enemy together with prayer in our marriage? In our home?
  • What is your greatest struggle with praying? Is it finding time to pray or knowing what to pray? Talk about some of the ways they prayed in the movie (i.e. journaling prayers, praying Scripture, praying out loud). Is there a new prayer strategy you would like to try?
  • What are one or two things you desire to start doing TODAY to develop a more active prayer life?
  • Is there a special place where we can create a “war room” in our home? What can we do together to make this happen?
  • How do you think an intentional prayer strategy could impact our family? Our marriage, work, etc?

Step Three: Pray

Commit to battle the enemy together. Take time to ask each other if there are any specific requests that you would like to include in your prayer time. Finish by thanking God for each other and your family. Ask Him to help you grow in this area of prayer, both individually and as a couple.

Praying for Our Marriage

Our relationship with God

God, we invite You into the core of our marriage. Help us love You with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Convict us of any sin that is separating us from You. Bind us together so that nothing will come between us.
Guidance for our family

Father, guide our marriage and family. Help us to face the struggles of life by depending on You and leaning on each other. Lead us as we pray together, read Your Word, and seek You as we make family decisions. Give us the desire to follow Your will. Impress Your commandments on our hearts, and show us how to impress them on our family.
Purity of heart and mind

Lord, we ask that You would put a passion in our hearts to model a godly lifestyle in our words and actions. Help us to honor our marriage commitment through faithfulness, honesty and purity.
Protection over our marriage

Father, protect us from the war that wages against our family. May we build our marriage on the unshakable foundation of Your Word. Help us to fight together, and protect us from fighting foolishly against each other.
Peace in our marriage and home

Father, help us to be unified in our home. We pray that the trials of our day draw us into total dependence on You. Help us to think about things that are pure and lovely so Your peace will be with us. May our words and actions be calm and kind toward one another.

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