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Becoming Intentional About Family Prayer

Prayer is simply a conversation with God. It is a way we communicate, worship, praise, and know our Heavenly Father. Individual prayer is powerful, but Scripture tells us there is a supernatural dynamic when we pray with others.

Bible@Home Road Map

The Bible is more than a symbol or a relic. It is a spiritual road map, given to us by God, that must become part of the everyday fabric of our lives.

Family Finances

Money is often talked about in society, but also in the Bible. How does the Bible say to balance finances with relationships?


Losing someone--whether by death, divorce, or separation--can be hard. Grief is difficult part of life, but by understanding the process, you can reach the hope on the other side.

Influencing Grandchildren

Being a parent was no easy task, but now it is time to influence your grandchildren. Grandparents have a special opportunity to show the love of Christ to the next generation.

Intentional Grandfather

We are not called “grandparents” because we have been retired from the parenting process. We are called “grand” because we have been promoted. It is our job to support and reinforce the role of parents.

Prayer @ Home

Does your prayer life at home reflect your faith? Most of us struggle making prayer a consistent part of our faith at home routine. Discover tools to become more intentional about prayer with your spouse and children.