Funeral Services

We welcome you to use our facilities to have this most important ceremony and are very sorry for your loss. Please know that we will be praying for you during this process.

This service is for Central members or the spouse, parent or child of a Central member.

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You will need to check with the Minister who is officiating to arrange the time and date of the service, and set up a time to meet to discuss service details. The officiating Minister and his Ministry Assistant will be the point people for all details of the service.

Available upon request:

1. Officiating Minister
2. Soloist & Pianist
3. A/V tech to run sound and play any slide show, remembrance video, song lyrics, and or CD music you would like included in the service

  • Slide show/video needs to be in a Mac file type (.mov, .mp4, .m4v, or .avi) and it needs to be provided to the church 1 day in advance so we can be sure it works correctly.
  • We can make an audio recording of the service if you would like one

4. Bereavement Meal – if the funeral service is scheduled between 10:00 am — 2:00 pm, the church provides a bereavement meal for family members.


There is no cost for church members, however any donation to the ministry of Central will be accepted.


Generally, the funeral home will create and print the program for the funeral service, but we can provide one if needed. Below are program content suggestions.

  • Picture of the loved one for the program cover
  • Favorite Scripture or poem
  • Order of service
  • Officiating Minister
  • Soloist/Pianist/Musician
  • Songs (we recommend 2-3 songs):
    • ________________________________________
    • ________________________________________
    • ________________________________________
  • Name (s) of people giving remembrances (optional) (max. 3):
    • ________________________________________
    • ________________________________________
    • ________________________________________

Other details to consider:

  • Table in foyer to display photos and memorabilia
  • CD to play at the start of the service (provided by either the family or Central)
  • Slide show (made by family)
  • Details of loved one’s life or obituary
  • Reception or Graveside service details and directions
  • Number of programs to be printed __________
  • Number of family members for bereavement meal ___________