Men's Weekly Spiritual Challenge

Google or God

Posted by Dean Gage

Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” 

This promise found in Jeremiah is one of my favorite promises from God’s Word and one that I have claimed and prayed back to God many times as a leader and Christian. As leaders we face many issues, questions, and decisions in our daily settings and responsibilities. Often times in the routine of daily events, we turn to Google when we don’t know the answer or want to confirm an answer. We may ask how to repair something, what are the signs and treatments of an ailment, where is the best price and source of something, or the life and history of someone in the news. We use it to even research commentary on Scripture. My wife and I often will say that we don’t know the answer but we will look it up on Google. We have even said, “Google knows everything.”  We don’t know where Google gets all of its information which always seems up to date, nor do we know its repository. However, Google does not know everything and personal things are between God and us for which there is a much better and reliable source of answers.

 Google or God

Jeremiah 33:3

Each time we face an issue, question, or decision, we are to search the Scriptures to give us the right answer. When we call on him, He promises to answer and tell us the answer that we may not know. Just as we have Google at our disposal through the internet, we have God’s Word at our disposal through his Holy Spirit. Just as we have to access the internet to open Google, we have access to open God’ Word by prayer and the Holy Spirit. I can assure you that God’s Word is a much better source and repository of answers that are never wrong or left to a human interpretation. When we don’t know the answer or decision, claim God’s promise to call to him and He will answer. We have two sources and means of making decisions. One is by the world’s standards (Google) and the other is by God’s standard (the Word). I live in a rural area and my internet service is slow or sometimes down. Contrast that to the fact that God is always available and never down if we just call on him. We have to leave the timing of an answer in his hands and believe what He says to us. As a leader, you have the choice between Google and God. Which will you choose? Psalm 145:18 “The Lord is near to all who call on him.”