Men's Weekly Spiritual Challenge

Leaders and the Main Thing

Posted by Dean Gage

Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”      

When I served as President of Men’s Leadership Ministries, we had a frequent conference speaker who always reminded the men to be certain “To Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.”  What did he mean by this statementHe knew that men often get derailed from their main responsibility to keep Christ first and the main thing in their livesIf they didn’t do this like Matthew tells us this week, then their spiritual walk and leadership would not be properly anchored and focused on what is important.  They could be led astray to take paths that would lead to failure with consequences that would impact their lives and familiesThis can be and has applied to churches which have not kept the main thing of obedience to the main things of God’s Word and Jesus.  This is the primary reason we have observed so many churches and families fail in the past few yearsThey have not held to the Main Thing. 

Leaders and the Main Thing

Matthew 6:33

When we keep the main thing the main thing of seeking God and His righteousness (command), God promises to provide all things that we need in life and leadershipWe find a command followed with a promise throughout the whole Bible and this spiritual truth is the same for us todayI recently ordered a new leadership book called the 10 Commandments of Leadership.  It is not a Christian book, but every command and chapter follow Christian principles and foundations with personal applicationIt is easy for the Christian to support the described commandsThe first chapter is titled, Make What Matters Really MatterIs this not the same as “Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing?”  Or is it also the same as “Seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteous.”  For a man to be God’s leader, he must live by this verse and Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.  When you make a leadership decision, ask this question, “Am I keeping the main thing the main thing?”