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Leaders Avoid Slippery Slopes

Posted by Dean Gage

Proverbs 4:14-15 Do not enter the path of the wicked, and do not proceed in the way of evil menAvoid it, do not pass by it; turn away from it and press on.”   

Last week, I spent touring and hiking several national parks in the state of Utah with two of my Christian brothers from churchWe had a great time of fellowship and sharing with each otherOne brother was an experienced hiker and photographer who guided my other friend and me on some slippery and steep slopes; one or two qualify as wicked in my book.  I am not comfortable with heights and narrow paths so I was extra cautious going up and down some slippery rock slopesMany times, I looked straight ahead and not to my right or left which showed drops similar to the Grand CanyonI went prepared with my best, sure-footed, hiking boots and I thank God that they brought me safely through some steep, rocky and slippery slopesAs I have now survived and had dreams of some of the narrow and steep slopes with no guardrails, I am not sure that I would enter one or two of the paths againI might just avoid them, turn away and press onNarrow rock ledges on the side of high mountains and canyons give me caution to not slide off. 

Leaders Avoid Slippery Slopes

Proverbs 4:14-15

As a leader today, it is clear that the temptations of this world sit atop a slippery and dangerous slopeIf you sample those paths and temptations, you will find yourself on the slippery slope towards real danger.  Hopefully, you can keep your footing and turn awayIf you stay away and do not set foot on the slippery slope of sin, you will not slide off and into deep canyons belowA leader is to lead others and particularly his family on God’s paths and to avoid slippery slopes of the many temptations of this worldThey may seem like harmless pleasures at first, but they are not.  It is clear that it’s easier to stay off the wicked path or out of the temptation than to get out once you have fallen.  Remember this: “Give Satan an inch and he will become a ruler.”  I promise you that I would not be here writing you today if I had fallen on one of those slippery slopes last weekThe same is true if I had not avoided many slippery slopes in life as I followed the one true and narrow path of Jesus Christ and God’s Word.  This is how you can avoid slippery slopes.