Men's Weekly Spiritual Challenge

Leaders, Be Still

Posted by Dean Gage

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.  

We live in a noisy, angry, lawless, violent, dangerous and anti-Christian world today and cannot deny what we see and hear every dayIf you are following the war and world events surrounding Israel today, it should drive you to study God’s Word and see how all of it fits into God’s planWe must be still and know that He is God and is in total controlHe is not surprised and has not deviated from His plan for this world and His peopleEach day, we must take the time and quietness from busy schedules to reflect on Who God is and open our hearts to his presence and counselIf we know and have trusted Jesus, we can live by what He said in John 16:32 “I am not alone, because the Father is in Me.”  That same promise is ours because He lives in us and we are never alone. 

Leaders, Be Still

Psalm 46:10

While I have been reading a lot recently about world events, the increasingly anti-Christian culture and world, the Rapture, the Tribulation and the Second-Coming of Jesus, I am even more convinced that God is in total controlIt drives me to study Scripture more deeply and to “be still and know that He is God.”  Only God knows what will happen next but we must be prepared for what happens next, whenever that will beWe cannot be alarmists but rather be spiritually informed realists who live each day as if Jesus is coming back todayIf we were to die today, it would be sameOur life on earth would end and our leadership ministry would be overWhen I get still, quiet and alone with God, I hear His voice more clearly and more profoundlyMany times in Scripture, we see Jesus taking time away from His busy and demanding schedule to get alone, to be still and to commune with His FatherIf He is our example, and He is, we should do the same.  This has convicted and impacted me recently and I have made the decision to stop watching so much television and sports and spend more time reading God’s Word and Christian booksBy being still in this way, I am knowing God in a more intimate and personal wayI have heard that “everything that is alive is still growing,” and I want to stay alive for a while more.  How about you?