Men's Weekly Spiritual Challenge

Leaders Have Immediate Access

Posted by Dean Gage

Hebrews 5:2 We have access by faith into this grace in which we stand.”      

How many times each day or each week do you access Google to find answers to your questions or needs?  The internet is a global communication network that allows almost all individual computers worldwide to connect and exchange information.  I do not know how it works and where all the data is stored and updated.  I do know it works and is almost unlimited.  If you have a fast broadband or internet service, your access is immediate.  It may be provided through a fiber optic cable or cellular signal.  I live in a rural subdivision and have neither one so my land line connection is slower than immediate.  I have been researching and pursuing a cellular upgrade to have a more immediate access.  Why do I want to have this more immediate service?  It is partially because I am impatient and want the connection to be immediate when I need it. 

Leaders Have Immediate Access 

Hebrews 5:2

As a Christian leader, we have immediate access to God’s internet which is his Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit lives within us and does not have to travel through a fiber optic cable or cellular signal.  We don’t have to dial it up or even call a provider or system engineer and wait for a connection.  Our access to God is immediate through our faith into His grace in which we stand.  Just as the signal from Google searches the worldwide data base for answers, the Holy Spirit searches God’s Word (data base) and the Father’s heart to give us the answers we need.  Our brain and our heart are our computer connection to the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.  We should always hit the “Search” button with confidence that we have access to God’s answers.  His connection to us is never down or not working like our home internet and email connections can become at times.  God is always there and waiting for us to connect at any time.  The connection is free to us as Jesus has already paid the cost of our membership for eternity.