Men's Weekly Spiritual Challenge

Leaders Listen to the Father

Posted by Dean Gage

John 1:14 “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, glory as the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.”   

For more than twenty-five years, my wife and I cared for our aging and sick parentsOur parents, and particularly my father, would often call us with their struggles and needsMy father would call me at all hours of the day and he always started the call with, “Dean, this is your Dad,” as if I didn’t know who was callingI recognized his voice instantly and knew that I needed to listen and probably had some decisions and actions to take.  My response was, “Yes Dad, I am listening.”  His voice always got my attention to listen to what he had to say and to respond accordinglyIt was not always what I wanted to hear, but it was life and he was my father. 

Leaders Listen to the Father

Isaiah 30:21

In our lives, we are faced with one circumstance and decision after another and God the Father is always there calling out to us, “Your name, this is your Father.”  He is that close and speaking to us for our benefit and spiritual walk in lifeWe must recognize His voice just like we would our earthly fatherHe is our Dad who loves us and wants what is best for usHe knows which we should turnHe says to us, “Trust Me, I have everything under control, God your Father.”  He tells us the way we should go to the right or to the left as promised in Isaiah 30:21There is more than just hearing and listening to His Fatherly adviceWe must then obey and follow His word to us through the Holy Spirit and the BibleHe still speaks to us personally because we have a similar relationship that we have with our earthly fatherWe have a personal Father who loves us and wants to keep the conversation ongoing for our guidance and lifeWhen we hear our Father calling, our response should be, “Yes Father, I am listening.”