Men's Weekly Spiritual Challenge

Leaders Must Be Visible

Posted by Dean Gage

John 14:9  “Whoever has seen Me has seen the Father.” 

One trait or characteristic of a leader is to be visible and active in the lives of those whom he leads at home, work or church. Jesus was an active and visible leader who reflected the Father and became our only way to the Father. It was the purest example of “Like Father, like Son.” It should be our example and goal to follow. A leader should have Jesus so visible in his life that it could be said, “When you see me, you should see Jesus.” You have to be a visible leader of faith and character that others want to follow. An invisible leader cannot lead or be followed because he cannot be seen.

 “Leaders Must Be Visible”

John 14:9

My wife shared something that she recently read that is funny and illustrative of this point. It said, “An invisible man and an invisible woman got married. I am not sure what they saw in each other. Their kids were nothing to look at either.” Think about this as it applies to you and your family. You cannot be an invisible man and lead. There would be nothing to see or reflect but be like Jesus who said, “When you see Me, you see the Father.” When your children see you, do they see Jesus? If not, they might be nothing to look at either because they haven’t seen Jesus in you. Being visible has another important element of leadership. If you are not visibly and personally present in the lives of others you lead, you are not really visible. Take and make time to be visible, active and reflective of Jesus every day. You want those whom you lead to be something to look at because of Who they see in you and you want to see in them.