Men's Weekly Spiritual Challenge

Our Mindset Gives Us Perseverance

Posted by Dean Gage

Philippians 2:5 “Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus.”

This is the fifth in our series on perseverance. The question is whether or not we live with an eternal mindset which is ours by choice. We choose our mindset and attitudes, and they determine our behavior, our conduct in how we live and our perseverance to live the Christian life as a marathon, not a sprint. When we go through hard times, it is our mindset on the eternal that makes the difference. It is easy for us to not look at the eternal picture but want a quick and easy solution. We should just stop and look at Christ’s mindset and obedience all the way to the cross for each of us. Perseverance is a character trait in the Christian life which shows our heart and faith to trust God.

 Our Mindset Gives Us Perseverance

Philippians 2:5

Mindset is a combination of two words, mind and set and it means what we set our minds on. It is an established set of attitudes and perspectives which we are not born with but acquired as we live our lives. It’s our worldview of life and God. For us to have a Biblical mindset, we view the world through spiritual lens of God’s Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit. It’s like wisdom to persevere in the decisions of life. Godly wisdom is to see life from God’s point of view and to see people like Jesus sees them. We have two choices in forming our mindset and subsequently our behavior and actions. It is either God or man. One is eternal, and the other is worldly. God sees the big picture far better than man. Who do you trust the most? The middle verse in the Bible gives us the answer for both our mindset and our perseverance in the Christian life. Psalm 118:8 “It is better to trust in the Lord, than to have confidence in man.” This is the mindset that gives us perseverance in the Christian life. Always remember that our citizenship is in heaven, and we are strangers and exiles on this earth. We are like a visitor just passing through earth for only a brief stay on the way to our final destination with Christ.