Men's Weekly Spiritual Challenge

What the Leader Is to Do

Posted by Dean Gage

Psalm 11:3 “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

As we approach important elections in two weeks, we are reminded about the foundations of our country being destroyed and candidates who stand on platforms against our spiritual values and God’s Word. In our Scripture above, the word foundations is a metaphor for social order. The word destroyed describes the turbulent upheaval of the moral values and civil order of their day. Our culture today may even be worse than in David’s time where we see right attacked and even mocked and evil prevail. David was being told by his counselors to run and hide and flee to the mountains. David replied as we must lead and do today. He reminded them that he took refuge in the Lord and reaffirmed that God was still in control and in His holy temple. He remained confident in God as his refuge. In this Psalm, David stated clearly the judgment of God would fall on the wicked and confirmed God’s support of the righteous.

 What the Leader Is to Do

Psalm 11:3

Leaders must certainly be aware that the spiritual and moral foundations of our country are being destroyed before our eyes today. The issues of abortion, civil unrest, sexual and transgender movements, wars around the world, spiritual apathy and attacks on our Christian way of life confirm these destructive movements. We cannot and must not be overcome with gloom and doom but must “stand in the gap for God.” David gives us the example to follow, and we have an opportunity and responsibility to lead like he did. This is particularly true as we lead our families and in our churches. We are to remain calm and resolute keeping our eyes and ears on Jesus. We are to trust God in spite of the culture and its loss of a moral compass and even common sense. We are to be unshakable and unwavering as our faith in God is a declaration of our trust and refuge in Him. We know who is in control and who wins in the end. We must lead those whom God has given us to lead to embrace the truth of God’s Word and His sovereignty. Our responsibility and opportunity of spiritually leading have never been greater, so grasp them to be an example to others of trusting and taking refuge in the Lord. As Christians we know what to do and must do it.