what is Central?

Everything Central does is centered on three things:
The Gospel, Community, and Missions.
These are more than just words, they are the driving force behind everything we do. No matter your age or background, we want you to discover and experience Christ on a personal level.

The Gospel

Living in God's will for our lives requires us to intentionally and continually pursue deeper knowledge of the scriptures. The Bible is clear - we are to live according to the commands and principles God has given us through the scriptures. If we believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, then we should pursue an understanding of God through His Word. Biblical teaching is about more than attending corporate worship services on Sunday mornings. It is about pursuing God's Word both individually and collectively.
Pursue God's Word
Worship Opportunities


Our heart is to help each person who walks through our doors develop real, life-enriching relationships. We were not made to live in isolation - God created us as people who need people. This is why loneliness is such a struggle for so many. So whether you are a college student, young family, empty nester or anything in between, we have a place for you at Central. Get plugged in to a small group setting through Life Groups or use your God-given gifts to serve with us.


God has called His people to fulfill His Great Commission: go and make disciples. Our goal is to equip and mobilize the people of Central to fulfill this calling. From preschool to legacy adults, there is a place for everyone to serve in our community and to the ends of the earth.

ABout Missions

Our Core Beliefs

  • God is sovereign. We have freewill because he gives us limited freewill in His sovereignty.
  • Jesus' blood is the only redemption we have.
  • The Bible is completely true.
  • The Church is the only institution Satan cannot defeat.
  • He is coming back for His Church!


"We accept the Scriptures as an all-sufficient and infallible rule of faith and practice, and insist upon the absolute inerrancy and sole authority of the Word of God.

We recognize at this point no room for division, either of practice or belief, or even sentiment. More and more we must come to feel as the deepest and mightiest power of our conviction that a 'thus saith the Lord' is the end of all controversy."

J. M. Frost from "Baptist Why and Why Not"
Published in 1900 by the Sunday School Board


In 1925, eighty people stepped out in faith to make the beginning of what is now Central. The church was originally located on College Avenue and called College Avenue Baptist Church. In 1949, the expanding congregation took the bold step to turn a vision into reality. Their vision was for a larger church building enabling them to reach more people in the community. With that move they renamed to "Central Baptist" as they were centrally located in the community. With the continued growth of the Bryan/College Station area, we expanded to our current location in 2003 on one hundred acres of land on what we now call home.

Through the years, the passion for Jesus and vision for people has been kept alive and thriving by the congregation of Central. Today we have over 3500 members. Growth has been exponential and continues today. More importantly, Central continues serving the Brazos Valley and beyond to reach people with the gospel of Jesus.

how do we express our faith?

When our lives are oriented to God, we are living in faith. One expression of this faith is choosing to follow the precepts (laws & commands) given to us through the Bible. Jesus gave the Church two visible symbols (called “ordinances”) as reminders of His death - baptism and the Lord's Supper. As Christians, we are also called to give willingly, generously and cheerfully.