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The Bible is more than a symbol or a relic. It is a spiritual road map, given to us by God, that must become part of the everyday fabric of our lives. Whether you are a scholar or a beginner, we encourage you to make a commitment to a Bible study routine.

Are you ready to take on the WORD 511 challenge?

To accept the WORD 511 challenge, I/we will spend...


times a week individually in God's Word


time a week connecting with my spouse to talk about God's Word


time a week connecting with my family to talk about God's Word


There are many types and translations of Bibles available today. At Central, we generally use the English Standard Version (ESV) which is a word-for-word translation from the original text. The ESV translation was originally published in 1970.

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If you could use reminders to help you with the WORD 511 challenge, download a screensaver to your device today! Every time you hop on your phone, tablet or computer, you'll be reminded about your commitment to spending time in God's Word.



Regardless of your age, one of the fastest ways to memorize scripture is through song! Even just a few minutes of listening each week will help you commit God's Word to memory. Download these songs to get started today - they're FREE!

The Word of God
Old Testament SongNew Testament Song

For more great songs from Seeds Family Worship, click HERE.


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Check out our Bible@Home Road Map for an overview of why and how we should read God's Word, or use the links below for practical activities to try with your family today.

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