Central Sports

Training the next generation to take next steps in their skills and spiritual journey.

Sports exist as a gift from God. They provide one of the few truly unifying environments across our culture, and they challenge us in small “arenas” to cultivate disciplines and virtues that will help us live in the larger arena of this world and in our lives before God. That’s why Central Sports welcomes children ages 4-12 to participate in a variety of sports—in fun environments that cultivate faith built atop this foundation:

We believe sports should be a fun and life-giving experience for players and a tool to assist Christian parenting and Christian discipleship.

That’s why Central Sports will provide an environment for players that is positive, energetic, and fun. On top of that, we work to make sure players learn the fundamentals of the sport and sharpen their skills and athleticism. More still, we realize that sports provides a unique venue to learn about sportsmanship, perseverance, courage, resilience, community, along with success and failure, and we want to be intentional about the lessons sports can teach.

We believe sports should be a means by which we serve our community with the life-changing news of the gospel of Jesus.

That’s why Central Sports will provide an environment that is focused on the gospel. During the year, players will receive Bible-based instruction designed to teach them about the good news of the gospel and designed to show them how what they are learning on fields and courts connects to their individual lives. If players and their families don’t know Jesus, we want to be intentional so that this ministry connects them to the grace and mercy offered in the gospel.