Life Groups

Go all in on community.

In the Christian life, we need one another, and Life Groups is the primary place to find real community and form meaningful friendships.

  • On-Campus Life Groups meet on Sunday mornings, most at 11:00am for an hour.
  • Off-Campus Life Groups meet on different nights during the week in the evening.

Want to find a Life Group?
Click here for a list of our Life Groups offered along with a map of our campus.



Who are Life Groups for?

We think all our members should be engaged in regular, meaningful community. Life Groups is the way we try and package that to make it possible for everyone.

Why should I join one?

Because community is one of the main things God has prescribed to grow you as a Christian. Plus, Central is a big place, and Life Groups are the place designed to make Central feel smaller. This is where life happens in our church.

What if I have young children?

We’ve got you covered. If you’re a part of one of our 11:00am on-campus Life Groups, we offer care and programming for kids of every age during that hour.

What is a Life Group like?

You’ll learn, but the main thing you’ll gain is community. Each of our Life Groups has a slightly different focus—some work through books of the Bible, others reflect on the sermon, while others move through a curriculum together. But what unites all our Life Groups is the focus is designed to be connecting with one another, forming meaningful community, praying for another, and going through life together.

Do I need to sign up?

No. We’re happy to connect you with the leader of any group you’d like to visit, but you’re also welcome to go to stop into any of our Life Groups any Sunday.

Am I committing long-term?

No. Many people stay in the same Life Group for years, but there’s no obligation to stay in the same life group forever. In fact, many take a break from their Life Group to serve in a particular ministry for a season, to go through our Training Program, or to start or host a new Life Group of their own.

What if I have more questions?

We’d love to help! Send us a message here.