Coming alongside parents to create enviornments where preschoolers experience God’s love, learn about God’s Word, and hear about God’s gospel in Jesus. Programming and care is available during all service hours on Sunday morning as well as Sunday night and Wednesday night.

Preschool Worship Hour

Sundays at 9:30a

Little Life Groups

Sundays at 11am

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Drop off

Classrooms open for drop-off at 9:15 am & 10:45, 15 minutes before the church service starts. We accept children ages birth through pre-K. All preschoolers must be checked in at the preschool counter using our KidCheck program.

Preschool Worship Hour


During the church service, our preschoolers have their own worship hour in Central Town Square. For children birth to 24 months, our nursery is staffed with at least 1 paid nursery worker as well as many parent volunteers. For children 2 years old through pre-K, our preschool worship hour rooms are staffed with parent volunteers. Preschoolers checked in for the worship hour will stay in their same classrooms for Little Life Groups.

Little Life Groups


Our Little Life Groups meet during this time on Sunday mornings in Central Town Square. Nursery rooms are staffed with paid nursery workers, while Preschool Little Life Groups have volunteer teachers.

Check-in & security

A safe and loving environment is the top priority of the Preschool & Children’s Ministries at Central. That’s why we have chosen KidCheck to bring you the best experience at check-in and to provide you as parents the ability to team with us to keep them safe.

Signing up for KidCheck is easy and free for parents. Once you’ve created your KidCheck account, you can add your children and other guardians to make it easy for Central to identify them.

Check-in begins 15 minutes prior to the beginning of an event.

Please avoid going to your child’s room to check on your child. If you would like to know how your child is doing, ask a Nursery Assistant at the counter who would be happy to do so. One tearful good-bye should be all a little one should endure! Seeing other adults coming and going tends to upset the other children in the rooms as well.

Children will only be released to an adult with the KidCheck guardian tag and who is listed as an authorized guardian for the the child.

Parent policies

The desire of Central Preschool Ministry is to provide the best experience possible for your child while they are in our care. We are providing you the policies and guidelines so you can help us do that. Should you have any questions with regard to these policies, please contact us and we will be happy to visit with you. It is a privilege for us to minister to your child and we are thankful and blessed for the opportunity each week.

1. Childcare will be available 15 minutes before any scheduled function/service begins.

2. Parents should pick up the child immediately following services or church functions. Childcare will remain open for 15 minutes after services close.

3. Please do not bring any children other than your own family which you have legal custody of to any weekday nursery for childcare. This does not include Sunday morning, evening, or Wednesday evening activities. This does include Women’s Bible Studies and Central Moms.

4. All preschoolers must be checked in at the nursery counter using our KidCheck program. Click here to create your KIDCHECK account.

5. A parent or guardian must remain on Central property while your child is in our care, unless it is an event scheduled off church property (i.e. Junction).

General Information

1. Parents of any preschooler enrolled in Little Life Groups age 4 and under are asked to volunteer quarterly during worship time.

2. To avoid congestion in the Preschool area, have only one parent bring and pick up your child. Children will only be released to an adult with the KidCheck guardian tag and who is listed as an authorized guardian for that child.

3. Please do not leave your child in an unattended room.

4. Please do not enter the room when delivering or receiving your child. Observing this policy will relieve congestion in the room and keep children from being upset when a new person enters the room. If you must check on your child, please see the Nursery Assistant. They will check on your child for you. Parents will be called promptly if needed for any reason.

5. Label everything with permanent marker! (cups, lids, pacifiers, blankets, bottles, bags, etc.) Please do not send toys from home unless it is teething toy.

6. Please avoid long conversations with caregivers at the door because we feel your child should receive our undivided attention after he/she arrives. If you have a matter that needs attention, please see the Nursery Assistant and we can make arrangements to meet with the teacher.

7. The Preschool Facility is designed to ensure safety and a positive learning atmosphere for all children in our care. If a child misbehaves, they will be separated from the group for a short period of time. No physical punishment will ever be administered. If a child is seriously disobedient or abusive to other children or the teachers, their parents will be contacted and asked to pick up their child.

8. When your child has met a new developmental skill and has accomplished it well, together, the Nursery Director and the parent decide when to move your child to the next class.

9. Workers will not give medication of any kind to any child.

10. Conditions that would make it necessary for your child to be cared for at home:
Fever in the past 24 hours
Common cold
Green or yellow runny nose
Sore throat or croup
An unexpected rash or skin infection
Pink eye or any other eye infections
Vomiting and/or diarrhea in the past 24 hours
Any symptom of usual childhood diseases
** If your child arrives with any of these conditions, we will require that you keep them with you. If any of these conditions develop after being checked in, you will be contacted and asked to pick up your child. Please feel free to ask for clarification of this policy.


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1. Please enter all allergies into your child’s information on KidCheck so it will appear on their tag. We also provide allergy stickers for the protection of your child.

2. Snacks and water will be offered while your child is in our care. If special snacks are served a notice will be posted on the door of each room. Please advise the teacher and/or nursery director if you do not want your child to have the snack. We do encourage you to send a labeled sippy cup for your child.

3. Please do not bring meals or snacks from home for your child (except for children with allergies). The children are being taught how to share; thus it causes conflicts in the room when you bring food in for your child only.

4. For our younger kids, we ask that bottles be prepared, ready to serve, and fully labeled. We cannot mix your child’s bottle; however, we will heat it if you request.

5. No baby food will be fed by the childcare workers during normal nursery hours.

* These policies can be changed or amended at any time by the Director of Preschool Ministry or Central Baptist Church staff.

Are you expecting or have a new baby?

Please let us know! We love to keep a list of all expectant moms to pray for them. Please send an email with your name, due date and any contact information you would like us to have to Gwen Bowman.

Parent Dedication

Parent Dedication is a very special day where families come before the church and commit to raising their child according to God’s word and guiding principles. Parent Dedication is open to established Central families.  

Contact us

*You may contact us at 979-776-9977 ext 209 or


Central Preschool is accepting applications for the Central Weekday School Director position for the 2024/2025 school year.  If you are interested in being a part of a great team and ministering to wonderful kids and their families please contact Sherry Maggard


Sherry Maggard


Sherry Maggard


Sherry Maggard has served as the Director of Preschool Ministry at Central for over 20 years.  Sherry led the Mother’s Day Out and Weekday programs at Central for over 10 years before taking on this role. She has a Business Degree from Navarro College. She and her husband David have two children and 4 grandsons. 

Gwen Bowman

Nursery Director

Gwen Bowman

Nursery Director

Arlette Thomas

Weekday School Director

Arlette Thomas

Weekday School Director

Sharyl Lowe

Preschool Ministry Assistant

Sharyl Lowe

Preschool Ministry Assistant

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