It's more than just a game

Central Sports is about kids having fun learning new sports, plus so much more!

We strive for all our sports to be fun! Statistics show 75% of kids who quit sports by the age of 14 do so because it is no longer fun. From practices to games to devotionals, we want Central sports to be a fun experience for all players. God is the creator of fun and we want learning about Him and His son Jesus to be fun.


Our goal is that each player grows throughout the season, developing skills, talent, sportsmanship and discipline. We also want both players and parents to grow spiritually. If players and their families doesn’t know Jesus, we want to help them in understanding our need for salvation. If they already know Him, we want that relationship to be deepened during the season.


Regardless of the sport, part of the game is facing our opponents. We want all players to play to win while respecting their opponents during each game. Modeling and teaching sportsmanship in an important part of all Central Sports programs. Jesus told us to love others (John 15:12), even our enemies (Matthew 5:44).


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